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Malcolm X Lives Kamal Imani Poem

Kamal Imani
Published on 10 Feb 2021 / In Films

El hajj Malik El Shabazz, the Moorish key word El
Another Black Messiah crucified in hell
Made Marvin Gaye wanna holla especially when he fell
But it was more like spilling sperm
Cause everyday he returns in the womb of the black ghetto
And I’m not speaking of physical sex
But the spiritual transmission of men and women who have continued the mission of Malcolm X
The man that we will never forget.
I was lost in the streets of new York and new jeruz
When my 2 female cousins gave me a brand new tool
His autobiography, I used to argue with the Gods, but after reading it I offered them an apology
And transformed into a God King with a new supreme theology
And for my ideology there was no apology
My new self esteem made me change my name to kamal supreme
And a former punk, became wise and mean
I learned to overturn all kinds of adversity
And got my first degree from street corner university
On a hun 25th in the Mecca of NYC
Where the echos of Elijah, Clarence 13X Smith and Malcom would ring
I mean Malcolm had me reading vociferously.
The teachings of the NOI made a man out of me
When Malcolm said “When You fall, you just get back up”
Made a God out of me.
I’m thanking Allah for Malcolm, eternally!

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