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Mom, You Are My Stargate Kamal Imani

Kamal Imani
Published on 20 Feb 2022 / In Entertainment

Mom, you are my stargate!

Mom, you are my stargate is a tribute to our mothers. If it wasn't for her, we wouldn't be here. It's nice neo soul music with the beautiful spoken word poetry of Kamal Imani

Kamal Imani (c) 2/19/22
You ae my Stargate

You are my Stargate, my portal, my life force came through you, now my souls immortal
Soul sister, God bless your soul, for letting me come through your black hole
for 9 months I travelled through your milky way,
With the help of the Most High, I have a birthday
so I celebrate you today and every day for
you are my stargate

You taught, me how to talk to walk to learn to discern to earn, to adapt as the world turns
to think to drink to eat to sleep, when I was afraid, you'd rock me to sleep, when the grim would reap, at the church, you'd put my head in your bosom and let me weep
you showed me how to fight, with the good I would unite
and how to repel the creeps
and after defeat, you'd encourage me to make quantum leaps
and when the kids called me names, you let me know that I wasn't strange, I was just unique...and that's a good thing

You raised a good one Mama, I'm still doing great
It aint been easy, but you always said, "There's no time like the present and it's never too late".
So I keep drawing inspiration from the heavens
cause your my stargate!
I love you

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