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Spoken Word Poetry -You are a case of Mistaken Identity - Kamal Imani

Kamal Imani
Published on 05 Feb 2021 / In Motivation & Upliftment

Kamal Imani ©2021
You’re a victim of mistaken identity!

If I was scared of you and you was scared of me
And every time we see each other, we have a change in physiology due to a warped pyschology
You got me on the defensive, cause you thinking about killing me
Because you heard your population was shrinking and you don’t want your daughter with me
I never said I wanted her, you must be watching too much TV
You hating me cause of my skin color, really don’t make no sense
Your logic is misdirected, your diagnosis, cognitive dissonance.
You are a case of mistaken identity
Cause who would you be if you didn’t have me, to point your finger at?
You always look at externals but the internals where it’s at.
See I get down with all persuasions, Africans, Asians and Caucasians
Cause it’s not about race but self-realization
But it’s ok if you wanna stay under that illusion
Cause I’m creating my own reality and I’m gonna keep on moving!
Cause my identity is not mistaken.

Kamal Imani
FB @kamal.imani
This Style Is RevolutionaryArt”.

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