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Black Rose in the Ghetto Motivation - A Must See!

Kamal Imani
Published on 02 Jun 2021 / In Motivation & Upliftment

I wanted to inspire our original black people who have been oppressed and suppressed and let them know that they can make it. Spoken Word Ya Heard? Over a fiery trap beat! Kamal Imani aka Kamal Supreme

Black Rose in the Ghetto
I feel your pain, the odds may be against you, but God knows your name
He knows that you came, to bring about a change
So don’t let nobody take your heart
Run game
or put chains on your brain
Black Rose
Many will oppose,
But focus on your dreams and goals and don’t let nobody take your soul
Black Rose in the Ghetto
In stead of running with the wrong team it’s better to be acapello, hello
Very few survive out of those that trap
But be like the 3 black doctors of Newark if you’re gonna make a pact
An old Jamaican man once told me “You Control your destiny”. I couldn’t put my mind around it for the life of me, cause see, television, religion and mythology, have been telling you and me that the sun will come out tomorrow
That a mystery god will wave his magic wand tomorrow
And when we look at the pain in your life that’s a hard pill to swallow
But then one day it all clicked
When my cousin told me you better get yours cause aint nobody gonna give you ish
So you could wish on a star or you could be a star
And the whole secret to life is that you already are!
But you aint gonna know till you bloom like a lotus flower
When you try your hardest with persistence you will find your power
Whatever you want yo, be dominant, conquer-devour.
And you can make it yo
Don’t be broken, keep dreamin working and hopin
And know that your chosen, black rose in the ghetto
You can do it! It is done!
Photo by Ramphoko Mahula from Pexels

Download on Black Rose in the Ghetto - Motivational | Kamal Imani | Kamal Supreme (bandcamp.com)

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