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Politics for Kids- Mr O

Kamal Imani
Published on 02 Jul 2023 / In News & Politics

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Let's Connect Politics (You are the future) by Mr. O aka Kamal the Hip Hop Teacher

You’re the future!

I can’t leave you in the dark, without an electrician

you need to be the future, politicians

So when you speak,the world will listen.

When things aren’t going right in this nation

you can create legislation

Those old heads will leave and the world is yours

So you can create great laws

Either you’ll be the ruler or you’ll be ruled

So learn about law and politics in school

and let the world know,that you’re nobodies fool

It’s time for the new school to rule

When you v.o.t.e, you can keep the lights on the c.o.u.r.t

You can play basketball and futbol and tell the town council we want the lights on

In politics you have P.A.C’s, political action committees

It’s very similar to lobbies, interest groups demand their needs

fighting for their rights and communities

If you don’t vote, you can’t complain

and when your political, you bring about change

Politics is war without bloodshed, that just means it’s a battle of the talking heads

This just means we debate with our intellect

because there are some things that are people must get!

and being active, we’ll make sure of that

So you must use politics as a tool

You must make a change, cause we’re the new school.

The constitution divides the government-federal

into legislative, executive and judicial

To make sure no one has too much power

cause power corrupts into a world that’s sour

The legislative, makes the laws, it’s the congress

the house of representatives and the senate

The Executive, carries out the laws, the President, VP and the cabinet

The Judicial, evaluates laws, it’s the supreme court, and other courts

If you don’t learn the constitution, it’s not my fault

The constitution is one document you should know.

In case you gotta deal with the judge or po po

you gotta show people that you know your rights

and for your community you have to fight

Always remember, everything's political

So step up front cause your the leader of the new school

by Mr. O the hip hop teacher.


YouTube.com @thehiphopteacher

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