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We Gonna Carry On! Kamal Imani

Kamal Imani
Published on 08 Jan 2022 / In Music / Gospel

We Gonna Carry On - (Grab the Light and Hold On) | Kamal Imani | Kamal Supreme (bandcamp.com)

We gonna carry on
We gonna carry on
We gonna keep strong and see a new dawn
Stay in the fight, grab the light and hold on
God is merciful, it won’t be long!

Yo, I know, it’s so much pain, but we gotta keep the sunshine
In the midst of rain
We in the fourth quarter yo, stay in the game
God is still here, remember his name
Ask him for a release and to break the chains
A we pray for universal change
let’s go

Keep yo head up and throw yo hands up
As if your grabbing the light
And say “Everything gonna be alright” C’,moon

Written and produced by Kamal Imani ©2022
Rezawrecktaz Music ASCAP
#faith #gospel #gospelrap #optimistic #optimism #holdon #keepthefaith
#believe #love #compassion #healing #kamalimani #newmusic #2022

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