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Fun Facts Africa | How We Celebrate Christmas in Africa | Focus on Nigeria

Arron Brown
Published on 24 Dec 2020 / In Community

As we all know Africa has 54 countries so it is safe to say that Christmas is celebrated 54 different ways by mostly Christians across the continent even in countries where Islam is the main religion like Senegal. Senegal is beautiful because where other countries tend to have tension between the two major religions, mainly Christianity and Islam, in Senegal both Christians and Muslim live in great harmony and choose to celebrate each others religious holidays. It is absolutely beautiful. 

In most countries in Africa, you might find that the main focus is going to be on attending Christmas services which typically includes nativity scenes, Christmas carols and some dance performances. Afterwards people would gather in smaller groups usually with family, friends and the community to eat and hang out.  Oh it is also important to note that not all countries celebrate Christmas on Dec 25th. Countries like Ethiopia and Egypt celebrate Christmas according to the Julian Calendar which means Christmas is January 7th. 

In this video, we focus our attention on how we celebrate Christmas in Nigeria

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