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International Black Hair & Beauty Rocks #blackhair

Published on 14 May 2021 / In Films

Offering a great opportunity to connect with other powerful black businesses on this Virtual Marketplace celebrating black business excellence!


So let’s create another storm, in the world of black hair and beauty ... we definitely rock!

Kings & Queens we want to celebrate OUR magnificent hair & beauty industry, it definitely belongs to us ... we so are excited!!

Guest Speaker’s

Montreece Soares, Founder and CEO of Dare to Be Natural Hair Products

Montreece started her haircare journey in 2011 after noting how short her own hair had become. In 2012 it took a significant turn when her son passed away. On her path of grief toward healing, she also gave space for her hair to rest.

In 2013 Montreece began creating her own haircare products and watched how her hair started thriving.

Since returning to the UK in 2018, Montreece has been on another adventure of a lifetime as she is learning what it means to be a business owner in the haircare industry.

Joy Wood, Creator and Owner of Tomiin Wig Hangers

The idea for the Wig Hanger came when Joy couldn’t find any more space to store her wigs! Polystyrene wig heads and a crowded dressing table/table top were just not compatible!

Joy had a folding wig stand but that also needed a flat surface. Running out of table space Joy realised she had plenty of wall space.

Putting a hook on the wall to hang her wig from that seemed a solution, but that didn’t keep its shape, hence the conception of the wig hanger.

The hanger can be put out of view in the wardrobe (if you have space!). In fact, it can go almost anywhere there is a hook or a rail.

Joy managed to get an appointment at the ‘Innovation Clinic’ at the British Library in April 2014 and took delivery of her first hangers in December 2018.

Verona White

Celebrity Hairstylist and CEO of Afro Hair Growth Challenge which is a platform where she mentors people with Natural Afro hair who want to understand their hair. Verona, is also the Author of ‘20 DIY Recipes for Curly Afro Hair`

While studying to be a Trichologist she is passionate about Hair loss and helping people restore and regenerate their hair.

The award winning hairstylist is also a professional Wig Technician and teaches in the UK, India, China, Italy and the USA.

Verona has styled a lot of different textures and is getting ready to teach Afro hair in salons that do not understand Afro textured which is called 'All hair types Matter’ which will create diversity in the salons.

Maleka Harcharran, Founder & CEO of Lovemeafrohair

Maleka recognised the need for easy access to high quality products for the natural afro hair. For so long, the afro based community have been exposed to products containing harsh chemicals such as sulphates, phthalate, parabens and silicones. However, Maleka’s background in science and extensive healthcare knowledge inspired her to share her regimen for creating and maintaining a healthy, tailbone-length hair with her customers.

Lovemoreafrohair was founded in July 2020, and has since been recognised and published in major media articles including Times, Daily Mail, Sun, ITV News, Ebay, You Magazine and many more. Majority of products stocked at the Lovemeafrohair e-store are rich in herbs, amino acids, minerals and vitamins to boost the natural hair growth process. In addition to this, hair accessories kind to hair in its natural form are also stocked here, demonstrating our commitment to nurturing and caring for those with kinky, coily and curly hair types.

With its heavy focus on promoting the use of organic ingredients as the pinnacle to getting good results, Lovemeafrohair will continue to source natural hair ingredient products. She believes that the journey to healthy hair starts with using natural and organic ingredients.

Marcia Makeba has 3 passions Magnetix, Mole Treatments. However, her first love is Hair dressing. At the age of 5 years old she started combing her own hair because she hated the “lumpy” look when her grandmother combed her hair.

In 2011 Marcia was searching for something to thicken her otherwise great but thin hair. By chance she was given a leaflet about T444Z hair food which seems to offer just that. Marcia purchased the hairfood loved the aroma and started using it immediately. After usng it consistently for 3 months the difference in her now volumised hair was so obvious.

It was this point she knew she had to share this amazing Hairfood with others.

Salem Wynter-Baxter,

is the award-winning Cosmetic scientist, CEO and Natural hair strategist for Root2tip Haircare.

For over 10 years Salem has committed her work to help others change their hairstory, through Hairducation and innovative premium natural hair products that put the scalp first. Salem is a trainee Trichologist and has a passion for helping wonen with hairloss issues and extremely dry hair.

Salem is also founder of the Hairducation academy, who exists to create confidence through Hairducation and success.

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