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BAD FRIDAY 1963 - This is what happened to RASTAS in JAMAICA |

Published on 19 Dec 2020 / In Black History

Bad Friday April 11/1963
A part of Jamaica’s story that has to be told.
This happened on the clock of Alexander Bustamante the first Prime Minister of Jamaica shortly after so called Independence in 1962.
I will be following up with the documentary of life after Coral Gardens testimonies and eye witness account of what happened to the most iconic group of people in Jamaica.

Education is eduliberation
Get in the know

I am sounding my sound on this dark part of our story. Many Jamaicans don’t know this.
This was never taught in schools.

Coral Gardens 1963

Artwork depicting Rasta and police beat!ngs by @1artofthecovenant
Ato Kidane Daniel Roberts
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