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Racism, Slavery and Emancipation: Black & British | Present History Podcast | Episode 1

Published on 27 Oct 2021 / In Black History

The history of race and Britain is a long, complicated and contentious one. In this episode of the Present History Podcast, we’re going to take a deep, but brief dive into this history and how it directly affects us today, taking a particular focus on the treatment of black people in this country.

In light of all that has happened recently in America, with the murder of George Floyd, and the overwhelming response to it, I know that I’ve found myself finding it very easy to talk about racism in America, the history of it, I can name the major figures, talk about the events, talk about MLK and Malcom X, the Civil Rights Act of 1968, and everything that happened with that. But I, personally, know that I have very little knowledge of the history of race, racism and race relations in Britain. So this whole episode has kind of come out of my own personal research, as I have tried to understand the history of this issue in our own country.

So let’s dive into a brief history of being Black & British.

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