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Ready Sex Go House Music

Kamal Imani
Published on 22 Mar 2021 / In Music

Smooth up-tempo sexy house track with smooth sensuous spoken word vocals by Kamal Imani aka Kamal Supreme

Ready SEX Go House Version

You know, we’ve courted now
And, it’s been a while, If you know what I mean?
I see your smile
So, I think, that our feelings our mutual
And, I think you already have in mind, what you’re gonna do to me
And what I’m gonna do to you
And it will kind of help us to forget
All the craziness that we’ve been through
Before love brought us together
So, If we’re meeting eye to eye as we find ourselves at loves crossroads
Let us listen at loves command
Ready Sex Go

I’m feeling this, it feels so fresh, it feels so delicious
It feels so new
But I’m gonna shut up cause
That thing right there that you do
Is making me start to stutter and slur my conversation
So I’ll see you at the destination

Ready sex go

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