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Rapper Lil Alien says "Some of Your Parents Are Racist" in New Song

Kamal Imani
Published on 06 Jun 2023 / In Entertainment

News Flash! Rapper Lil Alien says "Some of your parents are racist"
in his new self - entitled song "I'm Lit Alien".

I’m lil Alien extraterrestrial, I came to earth to teach the little people

when you see me, please don’t panic, and don’t take your planet for granted

like me, if you have discontent, please clean up your environment

and ask your government, where the money went

It’s up to you, the futures yours, say no more homeless, no more poor

and let’s make peace instead of war

let’s build bridges and not destroy

and remember that weapons are not toys

let’s have a nice earth for our girls and boys

I’m lil Alien

I’m lil Alien

I’m lil Alien

I’m lil Alien

I’m lil alien, please let me in

I have a message for you, you’re born to win

no matter your sex, race or color

we all are sisters and brothers

some of your parents are really racist

it’s a cold world you’re gonna have to face this

but your the ones that’s gonna make the changes

thanks for listening, I’m lil alien

I’m lil Alien

I’m lil Alien

I’m lil Alien

I’m lil Alien


Mr. O the hip hop teacher productions

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