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Covid 19 Survivor Makes New Gospel Song! God,I'm Forever Thankful

Kamal Imani
Published on 17 Dec 2021 / In Health & Well Being

I thought I was the epitome of perfect health. I was a gym teacher and did aerobics, weight training, volleyball and kickball. My friends would come to Planet Fitness as my guest. Then one night I was helping my 16-year-old son with his homework and from a standing position, I fell flat on my face, I had covid and I had a near death experience with God! I could have easily slipped away, but he grabbed my hand with a strong grip and pulled me back to life grip and pulled me back to life.

My family brought my laptop to the hospital, and I created this song from my hospital bed.

I am a changed man and am "Forever Thankful" to God and for life!


God,I'm Forever Thankful Lyrics

I gotta keep it low in here cause I aint the only one in this hospital but I'm a witness of amazing grace standing in my kitchen I fell flat on my face
so blessed to be alive that's amazing grace I'm forever faithful
I'm forever grateful, I'm forever thankful
Yo, throw yo hands up if your thankful
Yo, through yo hands up if your thankfull

we are losing more than a few, I grabbed God's hand and he pulled me through my assignment's renewed
love you teach you heal you
in my life he made all things new
now im forever thankful
Yo, through yo hands up if your thankful

Yo, through yo hands up if your Faithful its long suffering this struggleI thank God that I pulled me through
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