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That 10 Minute Workout and Dance Party

Kamal Imani
Published on 03 Jan 2021 / In How-to & Style

Have fun working out and dancing to this hot afro beat track. DJ Kamal Supreme gives you a little instruction, but all the while, he urges you to freestyle!
We’re about to have fun, gonna give it our best, but before we get started, let’s stretch.
And if something aint working for you, just keep moving to the groove
You could dance in place as long as you move!

It’s the 10 minute workout party yall

Now march in place
Let your legs alternate and lift your knees above your waist.

Now touch your toes, throw your hands up high
Now touch your toes, reach for the sky
Now we gonna do this…10 more times

I know you were feeling that, time for 10 jumping jacks
Now remember what you’re doing this for
Jumping jacks, let’s do 10 more!

If you can do situps - hit the floor
If you doing situps is a disgrace, all you gotta do is dance in place

Push ups, if you could get it in, break it on down and give me 10

Now hit me with some squats and give it all you got
Share this with a friend, yo this party don’t stop

I know you’re feeling good so crack that smile
And for the rest of this party just freestyle

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